kindred spirits

Sep 12, 2010

Hello Steph, I have been climbing a little over a year now, and am nothing shy of addicted. Since starting climbing I have always been amped up by reading about places to climb, the amazing climbers all around the world, and watching climbing videos. I remember watching “The Sharp End” and first hearing your name, and of course I thought “awesome! an amazing female climber, I want to be like her one day!” but to be honest all pro climbers played the basic role of getting me thinking and motivated about climbing. I was never really looking for an idol…

New to 14ers

Sep 12, 2010

Hello Steph – I was searching on the internet and came across your website while researching rock climbing. First off I want to say great work and you really are an inspiration to me. I love that you have found a passion and that’s something that I can’t say I have found, although I have recently decided to be more open minded to new adventures. ABOUT ME: I’m 31 years old and have been here in Denver for 10 years. This year I decided to hike up our lovely mountains since I have been putting it off for a while…