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Gridbreakers, the Weather Channel

Dec 17, 2013

I can’t think of anything more connected than weather and high places, so hats off to the Weather Channel for putting the pieces together. It was a pleasure shooting with the WC crew in Moab this summer:


prAna Breath Series Video

Dec 4, 2013

I shot this video with the Louder Than 11 team, Rich Crowder and Jon Glassberg, in Moab last summer. Ammon McNeely joined us as the camera test jumper, which helped a lot–base jumping happens pretty quick for shooting, and it’s over fast I remember this as a really fun day for all four of us in Mineral Canyon. I love this edit, and it’s unique in that it really captures what base jumping feels like–at least to me. Great job LT11 !

freerider upper dihedral

Salathe Wall Free video

Jun 30, 2013

Freeing El Cap in a day (via Free Rider), and freeing the Salathe Wall were two of my biggest dreams as a climber. It was Heinz Zak who really encouraged me to do both, and he also shot photos on Free Rider with me back in 2003 when I freed it in a day. We were both sad when Heinz’s schedule didn’t allow him to come out from Austria to shoot the Salathe in November of 2005 after I freed it, but it was a great excuse to get up on El Cap with my old friend Jimmy Chin. We…

Steph Davis climbing "Glad To Be A Trad."

Forgotten Lines: Video

Mar 18, 2013

I’m excited to announce the release of a new video that I shot with Three Strings Productions and Mario. It’s about climbing the classic Steve Hong route, “Glad to be Trad” in Mineral Canyon. This is the route that is on the front of this month’s issue of Climbing Magazine–it was so beautiful, we went back and took photos with Chris Noble. Forgotten Lines from 3 Strings on Vimeo. Hope you like it!

La Belle France

Nov 26, 2012

Every jump we did in France last September was unforgettable. My top two favorites of the trip were the Chateau des Chevres for its unique formation, and Varan. Varan seems like one of the ultimately aesthetic flights of the area, and I hope to go back and jump this mountain again someday. We were lucky to jump with Roch Malnuit, a super-nice and super-rad second generation base jumper: Mario jumped with his father back when Roch was just a little rugrat! (Now Roch has enfants of his own and is a respected wingsuit pilot in Chamonix.) As a result, we… Roof Jump

Nov 17, 2012

About a year ago, my friends at told me they were planning to paint a giant goat on the roof of their warehouse in Salt Lake City. Since the warehouse is located almost directly under a major landing/takeoff path for the Salt Lake airport, they figured it would be pretty cool for people who happen to be looking out the airplane window to see a giant goat painted on the roof….this is why we love Backcountry. Since I happen to have two base parachutes right now, an idea quickly hatched for Mario and me to jump out of…


A Perfect Circle

May 30, 2012

A Perfect Circle, from 3 Strings Media: one season in Moab, climbing and base jumping desert towers. We hope you like it!

Flying into the Red Rock Rendezvous

Apr 26, 2012

With Beaver (the founder of prAna) flying the Skydive Moab Hot Rod, and the crew from Skydive Moab along for the adventure (Keith and Mario), this was a really fun day! And the best way I could think of to get to the Red Rock Rendezvous and put some mileage on my new prAna wings….

I Get a Good Feeling

Apr 10, 2012

Video: I Get a Good Feeling Steph Davis and Mario Richard flying in Italy, Switzerland and in the Moab backyard. special guests: gletschergeissen goats and Cajun the wild jackal !