My new book is available now!

Learning to Fly is a story of adventure and high places. It’s about climbing big walls without a rope and jumping off them in a wingsuit, but more than that, it's a story of love, loss, letting go, and learning how to fly. If you’re drawn to explore the inner world of self or you’re curious about the wild places and wild characters of climbing/skydiving/base jumping, or if you’ve ever truly loved a dog, I hope this story will have meaning for you. If it does, I hope you’ll let me know!

About Me

People always ask, “why do you climb?” I’m always asking the same thing. The short answer is, “Because I love it.” But there’s so much more… connecting deeply with friends and with the natural world, challenging my notions of what’s possible, living life as intensely and as simply as I can. Climbing gives lots of time to think, during quiet evenings in the Moab desert, or hanging off the side of El Capitan in Yosemite. It’s good to sit quietly in a wild place, listening to the birds fly by.

One of the best parts of climbing is meeting other climbers. If you have any questions for me, about climbing, traveling, dogs, etc., I’d love to hear from you!