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Dealing With Female Stuff While Climbing

Apr 14, 2014

Attention male friends: do not read this! You’ve been warned. Hey Steph… Was puzzling out a dilemma about climbing the North Chimney at Castleton with a really good guy friend of mine (muy guapo), dilemma, flow came to visit a day before we leave for Moab….but I don’t want to bail. Have you ever braved this new world?…I have always managed to bail or luck out. And usually dehydrate myself significantly enough I never pee on a multi….(bad I know) I was thinking stashing wipes and tampons in a ziplock in my chalk bag…and just yelling at him to look…


Apr 13, 2014

… however, “happiness is only true when shared“ (Christopher McCandless). Hola Steph, From far away Frankfurt, where I’ve been living now for 19 years – I was born and bred in Madrid, learnt how to climb in La Pedriza – I would like to humbly join the looooooooooooooooooooong line of your admirers and THANK YOU for sharing with us your thoughts, your feelings, your philosophy, your outlook, your good and not so good moments, and your huge amount of knowledge about climbing and life. I read your book “High Infatuation” in two nights. Which means that, since I am the…


Love for Life

Apr 13, 2014

Steph, I read your about me at the right time. I just graduated nursing school and have a career now. I have been climbing for 4.5? years….where does the time go?! I live in Nebraska and have sent you an email about the flatlands probably 3 yrs ago. I find life tempting me the wrong direction sometimes. I am surrounded by friends and colleagues who own homes, new cars, nice clothes, and wonderful things. I want to save money to go on trips, have my own climbing gear, and save enough to move to Boulder (my heart and soul belong…

Hi and Online Book Swap

Apr 13, 2014

Hi Steph. In 36 years of life on this earth I’ve never once written a gushing fan letter before, but there’s a first time for everything! I’ve been climbing for 3 years and vegan for 14, and I’ve just spent the last two days on Steph Davis overload–devouring magazine articles, videos, your own blog posts, interviews like the one on the Enormocast–and everything I take in makes me respect you more and more. I’m really only beginning my adventures in climbing, because for the first few years even though I liked it I was very sporadic about my time commitment.…

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Crack Climbing and Laybacking

Apr 10, 2014

Hi Steph! I had a couple questions about crack climbing and laybacking. I was fortunate enough to enjoy the splitter cracks in the Creek this winter but usually my cracks are in Yosemite (I live in CA). Since I have yet to quit my job and move into my car I only make it to the Valley every other weekend or a couple times a month to work on my crack skills/fitness. Anyways my question is do you have any recommendations for training my crack muscles at the climbing gym (I wasn’t pumped at the top but more my bi/triceps…

Hello from the UK

Apr 10, 2014

Hi Steph–I sent an e-mail on July 15 2010 grateful for the inspiration you gave me to start climbing, Iv’e just led my first E-4 (5-11b) and its a great feeling at my age. I hope everything is o.k. with you in Moab ( I loved the place) —–Hope Cybelle is o.k.too—–thanks–take care—harry Congrats Harry, thanks for letting me know! Keep crushing Steph

Hello from Lander

Apr 10, 2014

Steph, I ran across your web site earlier today. I read your heartfelt tribute to Sean Leary and your views on Simple Living. I just wanted to say thank you and hello from a fellow climber. I met you years back when you were living in Fort Collins (my hometown), but, 15-20 years equals a lot of faces. Anyways, thanks for the insight and motivation. I’m in the process myself of getting back to living my life full and back to climbing which has always been such a gift and life force for me. Your words reminded me of where…

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Sean “Stanley” Leary

Mar 25, 2014

We don’t own anything in this life. What we have is the here and now and the love we feel for the world and everyone in it. I met Sean Leary years ago. He was part of the original floating group of friends who were living on the road with chunks of time in Yosemite, in Moab and in Patagonia, many of whom have become legends of climbing now twenty years later. One winter in Potrero Chico Sean found a tiny golden puppy with its throat slit. He brought her home to nurse her back to life, and she grew…


Evolv Addicts

Mar 22, 2014

I’ve been working with Evolv to make the Addict slipper for the last 2 years: the leather version was first and the synthetic (vegan) version is also in process! After going through various prototypes, I finally got the production shoes a couple of months ago, and I couldn’t be happier with the fit. My hope for this slipper was to have a shoe that would work great in the gym, and also be the ultimate crack slipper. I think these slippers are the ticket. The toebox is really precise. The shape is flat with a very slight, almost imperceptible, downturn…


Mar 22, 2014

Dear Steph, You have my deepest respect and admiration concerning what You are doing. You are conducting a really first hand life. In Your website You mention that You are rich and I know You are, although Your husband tragically died in the mountains which I regret deeply. All the time I wonder if You have made contact to tow other groups of people who are no rock climbers or basejumpers. Those groups are big wave surfers and apnoe divers. I think You and Your fellow climbers are in a special way similar to members of these groups concerning foremost…