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Comfortable Harness for Women

Jan 30, 2015

Hello Steph, I really enjoy reading your blog and your books (I seriously hope more books will come…). My fiancé and I started outdoor climbing a little more than a year ago and we are know starting to do multi-pitches. We did our first multi-pitch at Crazy Horse in Thailand, an easy and fun 2 pitches. The point was to see how we work as a team and it turned out to be a successful, exciting and fun experience! We do everything we can to be as safe as possible triple checking each other, educating ourselves and taking the maximum…


Climbing Blocks

Jan 29, 2015

Greetings, Steph- I have long been a visitor of your site, and your book is well-loved and dog-earred on my shelf. I am writing to you at what feels something like my “darkest hour” of climbing–I am at a point so low that I now fear my relationship with the sport is permanently damaged. I began climbing approximately 10 years ago. In the last several years, I started bonding with some incredible friends who are equally interested in making climbing fun and training to reach our limits. At first, this was fantastic. It was always a pleasure to go, to…

Fremont Canyon, Wyoming

Jan 29, 2015

Hey there, My name is Rhys. I’m a climber up here in Wyoming. I pretty much live at Fremont Canyon as the resident dirtbag. It’s (in my opinion) the greatest crag in the world. I heard from a few people I ran into one night that you mention it in your book. I haven’t had a chance to read it, but was wondering if you actually climbed there. I’d really love to hear about your own experiences. It’s the place I fell in love with climbing. Well I hope to hear back from you! Have a wonderful day. -Rhys Hi…


Raw Carrot Cake Balls

Jan 29, 2015

Hi Steph, I currently have your almond star cookies chilling in the fridge. I can’t wait to see how they turn out! I thought you might enjoy this recipe for chocolate covered carrot cake balls. I have made them multiple times. It’s definitely something you could tweak into a totally new type of “cake” ball. Take Care, James Hi James, I hope the almond star cookies turned out great for you! Thanks very much for this wonderful looking recipe: I can’t wait to try it out! Steph

crop mel gear sling

How to Size Your Gear Sling

Jan 26, 2015

Hi Steph I’m leading trad more and more. And I was wanting a gear sling but I don’t know what size to get. I like the ones you’ve made. Just curious to know what size you use and how to exactly size a gear sling. Derick Hi Derick, I use a size small. Usually I tell people to get whatever size their men’s t-shirt size is, and to keep in mind that you don’t want the sling too long–if anything, I like mine smaller than bigger. You also want to consider if you’ll use it with a jacket (alpine climbing)…


Sun is Shining

Jan 14, 2015

Sun is Shining from steph davis on Vimeo. Ian and I were mountain flying in Italy, Switzerland and France during the unusually cloudy and rainy summer season of 2014. This 5 week period of travel featured about 70% walking up and down mountains in the clouds and rain and 30% flying down them: and it made for some spectacularly visual (and much appreciated) flights. We also were given the opportunity to fly a heli line above the Tre Cime di Lavaredo, the iconic Dolomite group, and to jump in Chamonix and Switzerland with good friends and talented pilots. For those…


Book Reading and Wingsuit Chat in Salt Lake City

Jan 12, 2015

Will you be in Salt Lake City on January 20? I’ll be coming to the Kings English Bookshop in Salt Lake City at 7 pm for a joint book reading and signing event with my friend Matt Higgins, a writer for the NYT and ESPN, and author of Bird Dream, a fantastic book about wingsuit flight and the wingsuit community. I met several years back Matt in Walendstadt, Switzerland while he was traveling the world and following Jeb Corliss and some other pilots to research for his book. Bird Dream is like Born to Run, for the wingsuit base world,…


Vegan Warm Jacket

Jan 8, 2015

Hello and Greetings! I hope all is well! I have been racking my brain, tried a few things and since i haven’t come to a conclusion, thought – hm, maybe i should reach out to Steph Davis! I am vegan and am looking for a WARM jacket to wear. Not for climbing or hiking, but one that i can wear while commuting. I live in the Northeast, and i am constantly freezing. I unfortunately returned my Columbia Insulated jacket in exchange for the North Face roller ball (long) jacket and it just does not compare. I thought being northface and…

granola jar

Homemade Granola

Dec 14, 2014

No storebought granola tastes as good as this, and you can also make it with only top notch ingredients! I promise you will love this granola, and you will be amazed at how fast and easy it is to make. I like to eat it with my own soy/almond/brown rice milk. It also makes a great gift, along with the recipe attached to the bag or jar, for those looking for a not-so-consumeristic present. After you’ve made this recipe once or twice, you’ll realize it’s perfectly fine to add or modify things (for example, use different nuts, add flax seed…


The Fear Chronicles 4

Nov 30, 2014

There’s one question we all have, and it gets talked about in different ways: why. Why do things that scare you? Why do things that are risky? Everyone seems to have a different perception of what’s scary, what’s risky, what is worth it, whatever “it” is. I read something I liked in a book today, Chips of Red Paint, which I got free for Kindle from Amazon (I read a lot of random books because they’re free for Kindle). “That’s how you accomplish things in life. You don’t sit around talking about it; you just do it. If you really…