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Simple Gear Sling

Aug 21, 2014

I think the best gear sling is simple, light and versatile: a full strength loop of bartacked tubular 1″ webbing with a double layer of fleece where it sits over the shoulder. Since you can’t buy these anywhere nowadays for some reason, I had to go ahead and do it myself, and make them available for climbers who need one. Naturally I give the Simple Gear Sling two thumbs up And now you can get one too! (see the end of the post to order one) My gear sling is perhaps the single most cherished gear item I own. Many…


Team Contour

Aug 20, 2014

I’m very excited to be joining the Contour Team and to get to shoot with their beautifully built video cameras! Contour recently moved headquarters from Seattle to Provo, Utah in order to be in the heart of adventure country with all the diverse and year-round action we have here in Utah. Aside from making a great camera, I’ve found that Contour is a tight knit crew of forward-thinking people with a lot of heart and great energy. I’m happy to welcome them to Utah, and to be part of the team!


Sizing Climbing Shoes for Different Sized Feet

Aug 20, 2014

Hi. I got your name from a fellow climber at my gym today. He mentioned that you were a vegan climber and had worked with Evolv shoes. I just started climbing at my gym a few months ago and since I’m vegan, I bought a pair of Evolv vegan climbing shoes. They work really well, but since one of my feet is a half size bigger than the other, so while one foot is OK with the shoes, the other one is getting pretty torn up. I hear this is pretty common, and was wondering how other people deal with…


Mammut Transformer 9.8 Rope

Aug 13, 2014

When I went to visit the Mammut headquarters in Switzerland in July, the rope making machines were making these beautiful white and multi-flecked ropes. I’d never seen a sheath pattern like that before, and was really delighted to be offered one to use for the trip, a Transformer 60 meter. The color reminded me of yarn that you’d make a nice hat out of. I climbed on this 9.8 rope for the next 5 weeks around Europe, and really liked the hand (a mix of soft yet firm) and the weight and the superdry coating. I hadn’t used this rope…


US Bouldering

Aug 10, 2014

Hey Steph, My name is Josh, I’m a 22 year old student from The Netherlands. I started indoor bouldering two years ago, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’m graduating soon, and I decided to spend my post-graduation-vacation savings on a bouldering trip to the US. As I’ve only ever bouldered indoors, outdoor bouldering is a big mystery to me (route descriptions etc.). I’ve been around a ton of gyms and bookstores looking for books about where to boulder, but here in Europe everyone seems to have a fascination for France and not so much the states. Nobody at any…

Two Hearts

Aug 10, 2014

Hey Steph! I came across your blog by a lovely bit of fate I suppose, entirely random but have loved reading your thoughts and seeing your videos whenever I’ve had a moment to explore. I’m in the midst of a massive transition myself, I suppose we do that periodically, from time to time, as parts of ourselves begin to speak up more loudly than before, and we realize perhaps we’ve strayed a bit from the path our hearts intended. Anyway, your posts have me missing mountains intensely as I sit here on the East coast, in limbo of leaving one…

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Adventures in Europe

Jul 15, 2014

July got off to a rainy start in the Alps this year. Ian and I flew into Zurich to discover that our bags were in New York or Paris or possibly both. Luckily I’ve learned the hard way to never check a base rig, wingsuit or climbing shoes. We had the essentials, so we decided to head to Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland where we knew we’d find friends who could lend us a sleeping bag or two and where we could make some wingsuit jumps while waiting for our baggage to appear. This wasn’t the original plan, but then when is…

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DryPointe Shoe Inserts

Jun 28, 2014

There’s nothing as good as crisp, fall climbing conditions–but let’s face it, we get about 20 days per year MAX of actual climbing when it’s perfect like that The rest of the time we need to deal with conditions, and we still love it, whether it’s a sweaty climbing gym or a greasy day in Yosemite or Rifle. Sweaty feet are a huge problem, partly because shoes get sloppy (and gross) and don’t last as long and also partly because they are a contributor to the pervasive athlete’s foot/toenail fungus that so many of us climbers fall victim to. Anything…


Crazy Beautiful Thing

Jun 23, 2014

Last winter I went climbing at the Cathedral in Saint George for the first time. When I got up to the cliff, I was amazed to see that there were a handful of people up there, and they were all old friends I hadn’t seen in a long time–crushing hard, of course. Mike Call is someone I’d been really hoping to do a project with for some time, and I mentioned to him that I had a video I’d really like to shoot. He immediately got it: that there was something I had to say, within the context of climbing…


Therm-a-Rest Neo Air Mini Pump

Jun 22, 2014

Every once in a while I find a gear item that is actually life altering, and it’s usually a small, unassuming item….and the MSR Mini Pump is very much that!! If there’s one thing I love, it’s a small little tiny thing that is light, pocket-sized, simple, not too expensive, and makes my life significantly easier. If there’s one thing I can’t bear, it’s blowing up Therm-a-Rests (after 20 years it has gotten O.L.D) so this is a match made in heaven Therm-a-Rests have gotten way more awesome: the NeoAir is lighter, firmer and more comfortable than the old style…