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Jabra Rox Wireless Earphones

Oct 16, 2014

Jabra sent me these Rox wireless earphones to test drive and review, and I’ve been using them for several months now (I don’t like to rush into opinions about my gadgetry). These get an unequivocal thumbs up: I only wish my ishuffle was bluetooth compatible, but that’s an Apple complaint, not a Jabra one. I love these earphones because they are small, simple and very nicely built, and they also have great sound. There’s a tiny little magnetized cover on one of them that flips up when you need to plug it in to recharge: very fancy and clever The…

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Old Climber From USSR-Russia

Oct 15, 2014

Hi Steph, I’ve bought Kindle edition of your book ”High Infatuation”. To my surprise during the reading I had the feeling like I was talking with an intimate friend. I started climbing in 1979 in USSR and most of my climbs were in USSR mountains, including that Kyrgyzstan valley, which you described, and nearby valleys. So, I grown up in a pretty different society, but you are writing about the basic things, common to every human. At least climbing human. I’m reading “Learning to fly” now. Thank you for your books and good luck! Alex Telpov, Moscow Thank you Alex,…


More Backcountry Bathrooming for the Ladies

Oct 15, 2014

Hi Steph, I was just reading your Big Wall/Backcountry bathrooms blog post and I thought I should share my experience with a third bathroom issue we women have to deal with: the dreaded periods. I recently switched to using the Diva Cup after looking into more environmentally friendly alternatives to tampons and pads, and I must say that this has been the best idea for the outdoors! No more used tampons to carry out, no more risk of getting new tampons soaked. Simply take out the cup, dump the content, wipe with TP and re-insert. It can be washed with…


Dealing With Death

Oct 13, 2014

Dear Steph, My husband, Eric, and I began climbing in the North Cascades of Washington three years ago when we moved here from the east coast. Our lives revolved around climbing whether it be sport, trad, bouldering or ice. Our distinct passion though was alpinism and we spent countless weekends attempting (and usually tagging) summits in The Pacific Northwest… and then on September 6, as we were descending Le Petit Cheval, Eric was killed in a rappelling accident. We weren’t even on the rock route anymore… were going to rap down a steep section of the scramble path down because…


Oct 13, 2014

Hi Steph This is really just a thanks, one of a number that I have written to friends and others, all different for various reasons. For quite a while I had sort of lost my way with regards to how I felt about myself and how I looked after myself. One day back at the beginning of the year I fired up Twitter and after a very short time I stumbled across a video of a lady named Steph shared by prana. I guess I was touched by your openness and the passion you show in the way that you…


Wilson Electronics Cell Phone Booster

Oct 7, 2014

I first heard of the Wilson Electronics cell phone booster when I was climbing at Maple: a friend had a huge antenna rigged up in the campground and some solar panels. Intrigued, I asked him what it was all about, and he explained he can get work done on climbing trips by boosting his cell signal and using the phone as a hotspot. So this was obviously getting way too complicated for me, but what I took away was that there’s a thing out there that makes your cell phone work better in crappy service range, which is where I…


Cajun, Dog of the World

Oct 4, 2014

Was out hiking with family and friends guided by our friend Ron (of Moab) this morning and saw you and Cajun heading up for a jump. After you jumped, Cajun was supposed to head back down. As hard as we tried, Cajun would not leave us. I started down to see if I could get Cajun to head back down but every time I stopped, she stopped! Here is a photo of Cajun keeping me company in the shade. I had thought she finally was on the way down and sat down to wait for the others. Up she comes,…

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Moab Wedding?

Sep 15, 2014

Hey Steph, I know that you’re a Moab local and was wondering if you could give me some insight into some beautiful places that are easy to access in the area? I’m getting married in October, in Moab, but have no clue where, specifically. We’re having a really small, simple wedding with about 10 people, our older parents (that don’t hike) and young daughter (that does), included. We make it down to Moab often enough, but don’t really hike or camp far from climbing areas. We’re planning on heading down sometime in the next couple of weeks to look around.…


Sep 15, 2014

Dear Steph, I just finished reading your book High Infatuation and I’ve now started reading Learning to Fly… Your stories are so inspirational to me and have come into my life at such a crucial point. Thank you for sharing yourself through your writing. Climbing is everything to me and you are such an amazing role model. Anything is possible and I choose the simple life. Keep writing down your stories! They mean so much to the people fortunate enough to stumble upon them. You are awesome! Sending love, Meredith Thanks for writing to me, Meredith, I will Steph

Gratitude For Your Rad-itude

Sep 14, 2014

Steph! My name is Hannah, and I just made up that pun right now. I’ve been meaning to send you a note since I read your new book. My sister who has a brand new climbing addiction sent it to me. I would try to read it before bed and then get so excited I would be google searching where the nearest plane I could jump out of was. Anyway I was living in the big island of Hawaii and apparently we have enough to worry about with hurricanes and volcanoes that people aren’t trying to heighten the experience with…