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Climbing Hard on a Trip

Jul 5, 2015

Hey Steph I need some advice! I’m just coming to the end of a weeks climbing in the south of France! Fabulous place! Great weather! I’ve had a great winter of training but haven’t been able to translate this into decent grades at the crag! Felt really strong before I came out but keep getting my butt kicked on fairly easy climbs! 5c/6a. Any thoughts on what I’m doing wrong? Dave Hi Dave, I’ve heard so many friends talking about this same experience: training hard, climbing great at home, and then being disappointed by having to drop way down in…


Shiny Side Up

Jun 30, 2015

Hi, I tripped across a climber story from a friend on FB who races motorbikes as I do. I was curious and continued along the climbing and BASE stories and came across you and your story and website. I think i started reading as I recently read a book called The Rise of the Superman (I think) which takes Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi theory of the Flow state and extrapolates how extreme sports can access the flow state quicker and have an intuitive understanding. Anyway, I’m rambling and at random, I just wanted to say thank you for the inspiring words and…

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Vegan Supplements

Jun 25, 2015

Hya…I hope you don’t mind me asking you a quick question but do you have any problems at all following your openly publicized vegan diet? do you need supplements and have to be super careful with what you eat? I’ve preferred a “vegetarian” diet (with seafood) for most of the last 10 years, but then came across some research about possible bone problems/complications with such a diet…leaving me a little bit bemused and uncertain.. if I could eat clean I’d be less mean…that’s my feeling and so I ask those with good experience if it’s all good sometimes : )…

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Simple Gear Sling

Jun 13, 2015

I think the best gear sling is simple, light and versatile: a full strength loop of bartacked tubular 1″ webbing with a double layer of fleece where it sits over the shoulder. Since you can’t buy these anywhere nowadays for some reason, I had to go ahead and do it myself to make them available for climbers who need one. With a little reminder to enjoy gravity My simple gear sling is custom made in Moab and it has been pull tested to 26.4 kn. You can choose extra small, small, medium, large or XL, or custom length upon request.…


Transition to Veganism

Jun 6, 2015

Steph, The gear sling I ordered is awesome and the posters you sent I appreciate very much. Thank you. But I have a question this time. What was your transition to veganism like? How did you learn and approach the process? I am trying vegetarian for the next 30 days, but began it a week early (so 5 weeks total). I basically jumped into it and am trying to learn as I go which is actually quite a challenging way to approach it. What resources might you suggest to make this transition easier? I’m interested to learn as much as…

Hello From a Fellow Greek

Jun 6, 2015

Hi Steph, I’ll try to keep this short since I know you’re probably receiving hundreds of emails like this one. My name is Angelos and I’m a Greek living in Nuremberg, Germany since last November. My main reason for moving here was for the climbing: the famous Frankenjura is nearby and the Alps are not that far either. I started climbing relatively late, around age 25 (I’m now 31) and haven’t really progressed with the grades since then due to many things [1], but I started climbing outside and was exposed very early to multi-pitch trad climbing and fell in…


Small Climbing Pack

Jun 3, 2015

Hi Steph, I thought I would see if you have a recommendation for a small (12 liter would be great, 10 would work) pack that can be worn while climbing. I am frustrated looking for one because packs of that size are usually unisex and don’t fit me well. I want to use the pack mainly for soloing when I want to take my shoes to the top of the cliff so I can walk off. Also for long routes for water, snacks, etc.. I am close to 5’5″ tall and about 107 pounds so pretty small framed and skinny,…

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Climbing Bicep Injury

May 26, 2015

Hi Steph, Recently, while googling on climbers injuries regarding my biceps injury, I bumped into one of your posts that you re-addressed to Lisa Hathaway on shoulder injuries back in January 2012. In her answer she mentioned that she once recovered from a biceps tendonitis/tendonosis. I’m struggling with a biceps distal insertion tendinitis and, eventually, tendonosis since September and I was wondering if you could pass the message to her once again and maybe she can advice me on how to get rid of that thing. I live in Argentina and health care isn’t that good, at least for climbers…


Honda Element Platform Bed

May 16, 2015

Hi Steph, I wanted to email you because I stumbled upon your blog when I searched google for “Honda Element Platform Bed”. I recently bought an Element and am excited to make the bed platform – thank you for posting all the pictures and descriptions of it! It’s one of the best I have found. When looking at the photos, I was surprised to see you have a dog very similar to mine! I have a year old Catahoula Leopard Dog from a reservation in New Mexico, and when I showed my family photos of your pup Cajun, all of…


How to Start Climbing?

May 3, 2015

Hi Steph! I have recently stumbled upon you in my internet travels, and you have become a huge inspiration to me, as a vegan and a fellow yogi! I have just purchased your books online (sadly the local bookstores didn’t have any copies:( ) and cannot wait to read them! I grew up in very flat Ontario, but moved to Vancouver Island for university last year. I had never seen mountains before I lived on the island, and I immediately fell in love. I am an avid hiker, but I just really want to climb the mountains that I stare…