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Cascade Section American Alpine Club

Mar 26, 2015

I truly enjoyed your presentation at the AAC Cascade Section dinner last night! You are very articulate, and the intellectual and philosophical content of your presentation was a breath of fresh air for an old man like me who has attended too many mountaineering presentations…. Thanks! Mark Thank you Mark, I really appreciate that! Steph

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Y&Y Belay Glasses

Mar 25, 2015

I am a real convert to belay glasses, and Y&Y sent me this pair of Bordeaux Red Colorful Belay Glasses to test out. If you have not started using belay glasses, you should get some immediately if not sooner!! They’re simple to use, they save your neck, and they make it possible to watch your climber like a hawk, which is much safer and more polite. The Y&Y glasses have some wonderful features. They’re very light, which is of major importance for me. I don’t like the feeling of heavy glasses pushing on my nose or sliding, and so belay…


JOBY Action Grip

Mar 21, 2015

I admit I was initially doubtful about the relevance of this little item. I’ve been using my hands (and helmet) to hold my Contour and other cameras for quite some time now, and I wondered if I really needed a 6 inch additional handle. It turns out that the JOBY Action Grip is a very handy little item, and at just over 3 ounces, I find it well worth the weight for a few climbing and base specific uses. It screws directly into both my Contour and Sony NEX-6, and thanks to the handle and the strap, makes it really…


Mar 20, 2015

Steph I felt such a tremendous amount of positive energy after watching a few of your videos and doing some reading about you that I felt led to tell you “Thank You”. You’re an inspiration. Ive been in US Army Special Forces for 13 years now, and cannot wait to get out. I’m highly interested in attending one of your courses. Keep motivating those of us scratching and pawing to live as you do. Have a wonderful day and hope to see you soon. VR Wil Hi Wil, Thanks very much for taking the time to write to me: I…

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Fear and Climbing

Mar 20, 2015

Hi Steph, I would love to get your feedback and insights into some questions that came to my mind when I was climbing this past week-end regarding fear. Fear is rational, and it’s totally rational for it to kick-in climbing. What’s not rational is when it starts to take power, and then control over my thoughts as I’m climbing. I start assessing, I may fall here, gosh that won’t be fun, and instead of thinking of just committing to the moves, finding my breath, and remaining calm; the opposite can kick-in. It often starts making me more tired than I…


Giddy Climbing Salve

Mar 9, 2015

The folks at Giddy sent me this array of hand salve and lip balm to try out. One of the greatest things about the climbing industry is that small and passionate companies can still thrive in it–every climbing salve company out there seems to be in that category, so I really have a soft spot for them! Having had a few exchanges with Giddy, I’ve become a fan of their dedication to sustainability, responsibility and just doing things right. The Giddy balms have wonderful texture–I’ve always most preferred the small round bars that you have to warm up with your…

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Happy Dog and Dog Mom

Mar 9, 2015

Dear Steph, I have been wanting to send you a mail for some time already – here it comes, finally. For me, a like-minded person sharing many of your passions, you truly are an inspiration. Climbing, mountains, vegan food, yoga, environmentalist, outdoor lover… Always a pleasure to know that there is more people out there, with similar ideas! More than that, I want to share with you that your books and your blog, with all your wisdom and insight, had a great value to me when I went through an extremely difficult time last year, after having lost a person…


The Lost World

Mar 2, 2015

Hi Steph, I’m elena. A few months ago I read your book about your climbing experience (or life experience, it’s hard to tell). It had a strong impact on my life. When I was a child, I loved climbing trees. It was a passion, something deep and warm – on trees I felt safe, and the more they were hard (there are also hard trees ) the bigger was the challenge. I grew up and became too big for trees. I cried a lot, cause I felt I lost one of the most important things I had. Then many things…

Mind Game

Feb 28, 2015

I finally got around to reading your “Fear Chronicles” posts that I have been hearing good things about. I really want to thank you for them…Thank you. I feel like I’ve been struggling for years with the mind game/fear on the sharp end, I think there has been incremental growth for me in this, but I have a lot of impatience with the back and forth of the process. And at times feelings of inferiority…looking at other climbers (such as yourself) and assuming that they don’t grapple with those things. I think the thing I am most grateful for in…


Synthetic Addict Slippers

Feb 23, 2015

Hey Steph, I’ve been a huge fan of yours since I started climbing 4 years ago and you’ve been a huge influence on me in many many ways, from rock climbing to being VEGAN! I’ve been vegetarian for a couple years but I started being fully vegan around September of 2014 and I love it. When I initially stopped eating meat, I was greatly influenced by your mentality and view on cruelty free and amazing vegan food! So thank you very much for that. But I digress haha. My main reason for emailing you is to ask you a question…